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Merry go Round @ Springfield – All Year Setting

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Our newest setting, we have been based at Springfield, in the grounds of Riverside Primary School since September 2012. 

We are an inclusive setting and work in partnership with Riverside Primary School, providing wrap-around care for children attending both settings and enabling smooth transition for children leaving the setting to attend reception class. 

We also make visits to our ‘secret garden’, located a short distance from the nursery garden, which provides a beautiful environment for nature trails and bug hunts. Our fully-equipped, unique ‘soft-play’ room provides the children with safe, physical play indoors and allows children to learn safe risk taking and extend their gross motor skills. Children of all ages have access to the soft play area throughout the day to fully express themselves physically.
"This nursery is simply brilliant. All the teachers are amazing. My daughter loves going here and enjoys every minute. Would highly recommend." - Anna Louise Lloyd  (via Facebook)

Explorer Room – 2 years to 3 years

We provide a high staff/child ratio to ensure quality of care at all times. Children can explore a range of creative experiences, which help to further develop their senses through a variety of media including clay, ice, paint and cornflour. 

Offering a language rich environment, children develop their speech, language and communication skills. Using small group activities, supported by highly qualified staff, children learn social skills and are also encouraged to make independent choices. Children are able to access the outside area through our ‘free-slow’ approach, which promotes a physical and healthy lifestyle using both their own outdoor area, the large garden and the secret garden. 

Skills learnt within the Explorers provide a good base of Prime Areas understanding and development, preparing the children for their transition to the Discoverers.

Discoverers – 3 years to 5 years

The room is set out to encompass all aspects of early years learning and development, within a stimulating and creative environment. Equipment and resources are specially selected following the nursery planning and child interests. 

Projects are born from children’s ideas and extended throughout all areas within the nursery. An emphasis is placed on a ‘free-flow’ approach, where children are encouraged to explore the wide range of activities available to them. Children can use their skills and imagination using a large variety of creative materials and resources. 

Our beautiful garden offers a large sand area, a natural, grassy pathway to the mud kitchen and a hard surface for using outdoor equipment and gross motor skill development. There are also many opportunities for the children to explore the natural environment and socialise.
Call our Springfield-based nursery on 01432 350988
Opening hours: Monday to Friday 7.30am to 5.30pm
Opening hours exceptions: Closed one week at Easter, two weeks at Christmas, bank holidays and two staff training days (end of Spring term and Summer term)
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